Sunday, 6 December 2015

12.5.15 Being a Mom

I did a recent post about being a dad. Nows my chance to talk about being a mom.

I never thought much about the opportunity I have of being a mom, but yesterday Aaron, our smart and witty one, looked at me after I admonished him about showering or something similar and he looked at me and said, "Even though I have gay dads there always has to be a mom somewhere".

I never thought I was the mom but on reflection I guess I am. I tell the kids to shower, brush their teeth, not eat cookies too close to dinner, be a peace maker with squabbles. I'm not saying these tasks are all on my shoulders. Joseph is a major player as well. He cooks all their meals. Gives tenderness or discipline where it's needed. Takes them to movies.

The reality is, and I think gay parents exemplify this, there is less of a boundary when it comes to the mom versus dad thing. At that time and place I just happened to be the mom.

 But being the mom! I'm indignant! (But Joseph just pointed out to me that the kids would never dare call him the mom. That made me feel better.)

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