Thursday, 3 December 2015

12.3.15 Sisters

Left Rebecca, Deb middle, Sarah right
My Thanksgiving weekend was a sister blessing. I have 3 sisters. Rebecca, the youngest in the family  lives in Kansas City with her husband Rick and their teenage son John. They have 3 children out of the home. Sarah lives in Hillsboro outside of Portland and is a school teacher and has 2 grown children. Deb is the oldest sibling better known affectionately as Nama - a name her first grandchild Tyler gave her over 20 years ago - lives with her husband Neil in Gresham another Portland suburb.

There was a lot of great food. My sister Deb and her husband Neil are pros in the kitchen and on the grill. But the real thanks goes to how much love was released by everyone. Politics and religion were left at the door although on occasion Neil couldn't help himself.

There was laughter, reminiscing, playing with grand nieces and nephews, and showing love and concern for each other and for gently discovering truths about our mother who recently moved from independent living to assisted living.

My siblings and I haven't spend much of our adult lives being very close to each other physically or emotionally. Everyone was busy with family and careers and we all lived far apart in our own worlds.  Being together wasn't a priority and it seemed when we were together there was an underlying uneasiness propagated by differing opinions.

We are close now. There is a respect for each other born from a fresh acceptance. Not one of obligation because we are family but one from resting our differences.  It opens a huge space for love that feels joyful.

Our next visit will be for Christmas. We will arrive bright and early on Christmas morning. Can't wait.

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