Sunday, 6 December 2015

12.4.15 Breath

I met a beautiful man on Little Beach last year. He was Haitian and a wise man. He lived there on the beach and gave massages for a living. He was there for a number of months and we saw him on 3 separate occasions. He even got to meet Nathan on one of those trips.

His life was simple. He ate fruits and vegetables and did yoga every morning before doing a massage or 2 in the afternoon. We became Facebook friends and he posted this this morning. 

It's words like these that are great support and comfort me.

i'am an old bird that never flew ...when i will spread my wings ill be an angel infinitly ...are you cosmic powered or worldly powered ? the latter is a free training for insanity ...the former a manual hidden in your breath...BREATHE!

Aloe Antinous Aquila

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