Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Patron Saint of Travelers

I have a patron saint. It is the Jizo Bhoddisatva. We were exposed to him on our trip to Japan and because of our experience in Buddism, were drawn to him. One of his functions is to guide travelers safely in both the physical and spiritual realms so he is perfect for me. As we embark on our physical trip I'm realizing that I'm beginning to transition to embark on another trip into the spiritual realm. As my physical self becomes less functional my spiritual self becomes stronger. I will carry the patron saint of travelers with me on both journeys.

From our fall 2013 trip to Japan. People will purchase a Jizo for a loved one and place it on the shrine grounds where they are kept in meticulous order. It appealed to my OCD.
We have a Jizo for each one of the 10 children in our garden. Annie the youngest keeps asking which one is hers. Her biggest concern is whose on either side of her. Same battle we have every time we load everyone into the car.









My friend Jenn Woyski gifted me a portable Jizo last summer on our Geneva to Nice cycling trip when she was made aware of my cancer. It will travel with me to Europe on Monday.

Practicing for what hopefully will be many scenes like this in Europe.








Friday, 21 August 2015


It's 9 days before we leave on our trip to Europe. I'm bored and could leave tomorrow if given the opportunity.

As many of you know we had planned on a 2 week cycling trip in Umbria Italy however it became very clear in June that I couldn't cycle anymore with out significant discomfort not only while riding but for several days after. This journey for me has been all about learning to let go. My ever caring husband has planned alternative destinations for us. I said when this cancer journey started we would, when it came down to it, go on cruises. So, here we go.

I'm attempting to blog on the rest of my journey. This post is in part a test run of a blog program on the iPad. Here goes.

Feed back from both my Facebook and email friends would be appreciated.